About Leonard

“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.”
—Leonardo da Vinci

For over 20 years Leonard has been the leading specialist in urban multi-unit residential investment properties in Toronto. He moved to Toronto in his mid-20's from LA having spent his youth surfing big waves and watching real estate speculators get rich in the transitioning of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. He immediately fell in love with Toronto's historic Victorian homes and bought his first property within 3 months of arriving with a credit card advance. He began acquiring and restoring in Parkdale, Leslieville, the Annex, and other up and coming that have since become noted as some of the coolest areas of the city. Since then he grew his portfolio with properties throughout the city as well as international urban markets. From renovation and to tenant management and financing, Leonard can almost always find a way to put the deal together when no one else can. 


Leonard has built a team of expert Real Estate Agents who use unique strategies to stay ahead of the market and make sure clients get maximum value at all times. Clients will benefit from the Team Fridman approach of highly skilled individuals, with a variety of strengths that complement one another, working full time on their behalf. 

Our highest priority is to provide our clients with the best possible service.  We endeavour to ensure that each client's unique needs are always met.  When you work with our team you will receive the dedicated attention of a single agent with the network and support system that only a team can provide.  Each member of our team fills a specific role in satisfying a full-service experience.

The Team

Leonard - Broker (managing partner)

Leonard - Broker (managing partner)

For over 20 years Leonard has been the leading specialist in urban multi-unit residential investment properties in Toronto. He moved to Toronto in his mid-20's from LA having spent his youth surfing big waves and watching real estate speculators get rich in the transitioning neighborhoods of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. He immediately fell in love with Toronto's historic Victorian homes and bought his first property within 3 months of arriving with a credit card advance. He began acquiring and restoring properties in Parkdale, Leslieville, the Annex, and other up and coming neighborhoods that have since become noted as some of the coolest areas of the city. Since then he has grown his portfolio with properties throughout the city, as well as in international urban markets. From renovation and development, to tenant management and financing, Leonard can almost always find a way to put the deal together when no one else can.

Leonard enjoys surfing, sour cherries and big slobbery dogs. He's never finished War and Peace and derives most of his inspiration from the Little Prince, Stone Soup and The Karate Kid. He can often be found enjoying an almond misto at Sam James Coffee Bar or working on his most recent construction project.

Ashley Langille

Ashley is a born and raised Torontonian with a passion for the city that is reflected in all aspects of her life. She decided to channel that passion into a career helping other Torontonians find their dream homes and accomplish their real estate goals! Ashley Joined the Fridman Team in 2015 and is often praised by her clients for her superior customer service and dedication. Having a background in contract negotiation Ashley has unparalleled attention to detail and sharpened sense of negotiation tactics.


Kim first met Leonard Fridman when she was looking for a place to rent. An aspiring finance major at U of T, Kim was hooked by Leonard’s contagious personality and determination to make a deal come through. Kim started as an intern during her first year, and has now moved to being his personal assistant. Kim helps Leonard with anything he needs, from completing the paper work for a deal, to heading his marketing projects, to creating profit and loss sheets for certain listings and much more. Kim learns something new from Leonard on a daily basis and continues to put it to use in her studies.

Sue Creed

Sue Creed epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every detail of the real estate transaction.

 Sue is a graduate of the Schulich School of Business, where she received an MBA, with a specialization in Marketing.  After graduation, she launched her career with Procter & Gamble, followed by AC Nielson Market Research.  After exposure and experience gained in large multinational corporations, Sue made the transition to COO for Canada’s largest dry-cleaning franchise, The Dry Cleaner, overseeing the operation, marketing and licensing of 89 locations across Southern Ontario.

 Throughout her career, Sue was always passionate about the Real Estate Market and an active investor.  She now specializes in applying her expertise to help her clients navigate through the in-and-outs of multi-residential properties, the specifics of country residences as well as a keen interest and knowledge in properties requiring renovation and improvements.  Sue uses her experience and foresight to address details and solve problems proactively, from the first phone call to deal close

Sue is an active member of her community and sits on the boards of several charities and not-for-profit organizations.  Nothing brings her more pleasure than spending time with her Husband and 3 daughters skiing, traveling and enjoying an outdoor lifestyle

Lesli Gaynor

I've been a business and community leader in Toronto for over 20 years building Mitzi's restaurants and leading efforts in the community. My passion for real estate comes from a joy in helping people thrive. I recognize that our homes are the foundation of our lives, providing a way for personal, community, social and economic success. 

I look forward to providing the knowledge, capacity and know how necessary for you to consider co-ownership as a tool that can help you reach your real estate goals.


“Leonard began as a referred real estate agent and is now a friend. He was an integral part of growing our experience as Toronto investment property owners- not only by orchestrating purchases and sales but by bringing wildly creative suggestions to the table and being readily available with answers and solutions to any need at any time. On many occasions I put my complete faith and trust in Leonard even though it was beyond my comfort zone and he always delivered- the most memorable being the sale of our personal property that exceeded expectations to such a degree it utterly rocked the neighbourhood. Leonard cuts to the chase and acts as your ‘heavy’ in a cut-throat and massively competitive environment. He is the ONE to have on your side and I recommend him wholeheartedly!”

—Shannon Cian (Moschenross)

“A couple of years ago I was shown properties by another agent. I felt like after each property the feedback I was giving was not being heard. I gave up looking for a while. A friend recommended Len to my husband and I. Len listened and made good suggestions beyond what you thought you were looking for. I trusted our friend and in time understood his trust of and recommendation of Leonard. When I first approached Leonard we were looking for a single family property, possibly income property if the place was in great shape and/or amazing location.

Tall and on the ball. He does not waste time; yours or his own. Clearly has lots of experience. He can be opinionated, but he’s always willing to hear you out. He’s a busy guy, doing it all and giving his all, all the time. It was clear from early on that Len has a lot of experience in real estate. He described his experience well and was great at critically evaluating each space we looked at. No property is ever perfect. He is great at seeing potential. I trusted his gut when he said a place was worth looking at.

He understood my reservations about certain areas or extent of work a property needed. He would choose properties that he knew had potential for more. He does not waste your time. Len was instrumental in putting us in touch with the right people for a mortgage, lawyers, inspectors etc. Not to mention his tips in terms of home renovation when we decided to update parts of our home. He has an experienced and well-trained eye. Gives solid advice in all things and has many great ideas. Beyond that he is willing to problem solve WITH you. If you have an idea he will try to make it work.

We put in bids at multiple properties. Len knew what numbers to go in at and when to walk away. Eventually when we found our now home we were hoping for the best. Len knew this was the place for us. With his experience and clout he was able to find elements in our home that allowed for price negotiation. We got our home at a price we were comfortable with and were very happy. “

—Elizabeth Cooper

—Hardworking, Trustworthy, Knowledgeable

“Leonard wasn’t necessarily a choice over other agents. He had a listing and I inquired about it and we spoke and he added me to his email list. From there, I observed him for a while and I loved the way he positioned his ads around investment potential, which spoke to me and what I look for.

My first impression of Leonard was how aggressive and confident he is. If you are on the fence, he makes you leap over that fence, which I really like. He makes you break the procrastination habit and take action.

Overall, he provides way more than just sound real estate advice. He supported me tremendously of taking the “mental” leap and stretch beyond what I thought I was capable of. He is also fantastic at break down the problems into small manageable chunks and addressing each one of the parts. He is always there to take my calls and I leaned on him heavily when I was having second thoughts and his support really helped me get through the transaction.

Everything he has said has come true which has rewarded me well financially. I consider him in such high regard that I consider him the best real estate agent I know off and I know quite a few. I tell him that repeatedly and have referred him to anyone interested in real estate and especially investment real estate.”


“Leonard was not the obvious first choice when I first decided to sell my house, I interviewed 3 agents and found Len to have the most experience, and properties sold in the area. When I got in contact with Leonard I was looking to sell my free standing home in the Palmerston Area.

Confident, open and knowledgeable Len from the start brought a fresh perspective on the issue and provided great insight on what the next steps should be in selling my home. He very quickly understood what I wanted, and the marketing needed to get the sale moving, so I was put in touch with the right experts to prepare the house.

For me, it was about selling the house, and Len made it possible with putting me in contact with quite a number of skilled people, workers, who were able to make the house as good as possible (flooring, kitchen, overall renovation).I was overall very pleased with the support, and was very amazed how prepared Len was, always available, always very responsive, felt as if I was the priority and overall a very positive experience.

Leonard is a tireless agent, clearly living his passion, he is always on, in terms of availability, he was either available to take my call, or get back to me in short order. Yes, I would use him again if I’d need to sell another house.” 


“He was selling out a property in the area, and I was driving by when I saw his fantastic Forest Hill Realty sign and I knew I had to get this guy to sell my home because it showed well. I called him and then asked if he could sell my house. Shortly after that phone call, he came over and appraised the property and told me he could sell it, no problem! He knows the people and the area, that is what’s important! We marked a price and we sold the house in less than a week at 39% over asking price! Oh unbelievable this guy is the best! We will recommend him 100 % to anyone willing to sell house, this man gets the job done. I grew up there, my parents bought the house in 1956. I’ve lived there for about 40 years before marrying and moving on.

He’s a tough guy, he’ll take care of you, a tough negotiator, he’ll go for it, and go for it fully! My priorities were met at 100%! You don’t do any work, just relax, don’t bug him, don’t disturb the man, he knows what he’s doing and that’s why I put my full trust in Len. Without question he’s the best negotiator in town! I’d recommend him highly to anyone and everyone!!!”


—Grizzly, knowledgeable, determined!

“I called Leonard because his name was on a sign in front of a building I badly wanted. Sadly I didn’t get it. Why? Because the purchase was a stretch for me and required strategies I wasn’t sure about. I was cautious. I was not sure I trusted Leonard. He’s not the most orthodox person, he’s a surprise! People tend to be cautious, hesitant the first time around with a new agent. The second time around I understood the way he worked, trusted him and we got the deal done. And then another….

Leonard works hard for his clients. He puts in the extra effort to pull off challenging deals. He is like a coach and a strategist. His shows of power of leveraging and how to be creative with what you have, providing support and step by step guidance. Now all my friends think I am some kind of real estate genius. I just learned from the master.”

—Janice Lindsay


“Success can be directly linked to knowledge, especially knowledge acquired from experience. Investing in real estate is fraught with problems: finding the right property, making the best deal, arranging financing, managing the property, understanding capital improvements, overseeing maintenance and dealing with tenants.

I have worked with Leonard for over twenty years and continue to work with him because he has proven himself to be a knowledgeable professional in real estate investment. He knows how to solve all the previously mentioned problems. Beyond setting up the best deal for a purchase he provides continuous support during the life of the investment, maintaining and improving the property plus making the venture viable and profitable. His appraisal of the market is astute and has constantly arranged an advantageous sale. 

Buyer or seller, there are no losers with Leonard. I rely on his expertise and over the years, he has proven himself consistently attuned to the real estate market. I would recommend to anyone starting out in real estate investment or a seasoned pro who been investing for years to meet with Leonard. I know they’ll be impressed.” 

—John Bergman

“Working around Leonard is inspiring, his thought process and execution of deals are interesting to learn. Working with Leonard I have learned that anything is possible. Anything! He always takes it upon himself to find a solution in any situation.

Leonard is very professionals but also has a great, charismatic personality. He is diverse and works with all sorts of clientele. Leonard always provides the best service and guidance for his clients, every step of this important process.

Leonard is a superstar, just like all his agents who he has mentored or is mentoring. Leonard is the type of person who will sit down and explain in detail all questions and concerns, you always walk away knowing exactly how and what needs to be done in this business. He is an individual who will inspire, guide, and build you to be the best version of yourself. Leonard is the definition of success.“


—Responsible, Determined, Knowledgeable